Sunday, May 30, 2010

A PTC by my Mentor

Hi all,

VipClix is a PTC owned by my Mentor who teaches and guides me to open this site(milleniaclicks). He is a trusted and paying admin. He is a developer and a coder. Dont worry, if you invest in his site, you will be fine.

VipClix is just the right one for everyone to join.
Per click: 100% of click value
Per referral click: 50% of click value
Minimum payout: | $2.00 | $ 4.00 | $ 6.00 | $ 8.00 |
Maximum Direct Referrals: 20

Important! Chinese Members Please Read

Milleniaclicks is a paying site. Because the last few days, some members from china deliberately order an item without paying. This frustrates me and a week ago, there is also few Chinese members who create multiple accounts.

I am not prejudiced against Chinese members but their actions is just way over board. I know there are some loyal chinese members and I will pay you as usual.

Right now, only one China Member will have this special privilege. The member is kingddrptc.

The rest of the Chinese Members, please buy a Chinese Verification Pack in order to get paid! If you do not have the upgrade and you still request a cashout, I will not pay you!

The upgrade can be bought from